Slow cooked
Honoring of past times

Slowly & carefully. Although we just met the manor, we have already started restoration of the valuable historical and artistic design elements.

architectural and artistic research.

With kind support from State Culture Capital Foundation (SCCF) research is performed in summer 2016. Architectural Research Group (AIG) made a valuable work, drafting the historical manor plans, revealing decorative paintings on walls and preparing adorable workbook with recommendation for manor restoration.

rescuing of facade. Plinth.

In the summer of 2016 we performed the very first restoration works - plinth rescue of S and W facades. The masonry works was also the "summer job" for four young pupils - specialists. Restoration was mastered by Juris Pavlovs. We strongly believe that Abgunste manor walls, lime mortar and trowel has been nice lesson for future acts.


For many weekends the painter Maris Upzars restores and teaches slow wooden restoration works. With kind support from SCCF and guest donations will be able now to restore front and back entrance doors. Manor feels blessed!

Roof drainage tray RENEWAL.

Many thanks to the State Inspection for Heritage Protection for supporting the roof rainwater drainage reconstruction. This fall we will manage to restore gutters on two facades and next year we hope to complete the entire roof which is 80-year-old.