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Live along life in manor

We manage the manor as of June 2016. So far, we have hosted more than 7000 guests!

walk through manor + STORIES

Abgunste Manor is untouched gem yet. Everything stands as it used to be long time ago. That is worth seeing. Take pictures and listen to stories. Experience the revival of Abgunste manor.

Adventure Game / escape room

Some manor apartments accommodate adventure game for teams. While solving puzzles and searching for right keys, team has to find the way out of the locked room in limited time.

There is no solid list of reasons created why you should visit Abgunste and yet the manor is always very happy for the visitors. We offer now to purchase gift cards as fundraising instrument for restoration works.

All income is 100% supporting the restoration of the manor.

Fishing in ponds, Escape room game, Romantic weekend, Family vacation, Photo shoot, Dinner at manor, Coffee & cakes.